New and improved in this release:

  • HTTP triggers

  • Trigger editing

  • Logging of process executions and presenting these in a graph

  • Foreach loops

  • Exception handling aka error scopes

  • Environments

  • Environment variables

  • Process validation

  • Exporting and importing processes

  • It is possible to give only viewing rights to a user

  • Icons for latest process execution added

  • Cancelling running processes made possible

  • App insights set up for the Azure deployments

  • NuGet repository can be configured

  • Improvements to the decision editor

4.1 SR1

New and improved in this release:

  • Fixed problems Agent's config was causing with WCF calls

  • Fixed bug that caused Agent log store to grow without limit

  • Fixed bug where SignalR updates starved the DB server

4.1 SR2

New and improved in this release:

  • Allow skipping database creation on Agent install

  • Fixed login to new environments with Azure AD

  • Fixed UI updating very slowly after changes were made

  • Windows Authentication can now be used for On-Premise deployment

  • Azure Agent user's password will no longer expire

  • Agent can now be easily installed on a VM

4.1 SR3 - February 2016

New and improved in this release:

  • Error handlers can no longer have error handlers

  • File watch trigger's filePaths now always returns file paths

4.1 SR4 - March 2016

New and improved in this release:

  • HTTP triggers pass on which HTTP verb was used when triggering it

  • Optional HTTP parameters allowed

  • Agent heartbeat monitoring added

  • Bugs related to process execution errors, exceptions, string validation, process updating, and NuGet importing on IE

4.1 SR5 - April 2016

New and improved in this release:

  • Improved log message processing

  • Added support for parallel foreach branches

  • Fixed errors caused by erroneous NuGet blob metadata

  • Fixed bug which caused Agent to not start if generated SQL password contained an ampersand (&)

  • Fixed bug which caused file watch trigger to sometimes process the same file twice

  • Fixed bug where a missing HTTP parameter caused a KeyNotFoundException

  • Fixed bug which caused Cobalt custom editor to not be always shown

  • Fixed bug where ScheduleTriggerManager sometimes crashed Agent

  • Fixed bug where non-ascii characters in process name prevented process from saving

  • Fixed bug where exceptions with cyclic property references were not reported correctly via UI

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