Manual Trigger

Start a Process from the Frends UI.

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A Process can have a manual trigger to manually pass parameters from the user to start the Process.

Unlike other trigger types a manual trigger can be configure with a dynamic number of parameters. When defining manual parameters you need to define each of the parameters by using the "Add parameter" button.

A Manual Parameter consists of:

  • Key - Required

  • Default value - Optional

  • Description - Optional

  • Secret-flag - Indicates that this parameter will not be logged

These manual parameters can be accessed in the process using the same #hashtag and {{ handlebar }} notation like any other trigger variables.

Parameters in Manual Trigger in Subprocess call 

The parameters passed from a Process to a Subprocess are serialized as JSON during transit. The serialization is done by Json.Net Serialize method. Subprocesses only support string type parameters, so if you want to pass an object to a Subprocess, and access it by dot notation, it needs to be converted to object in the Subprocess, this can be done with the Json.ConvertJsonStringToJToken Task.

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