Agent groups are used to group Agents that need to share their configuration, e.g. for a high-availability or API gateway installation. All Agents in the group have the same Process versions deployed, and share the same settings. Agent groups can contain one or more Agents and API gateways. 

As the separate Agent groups are isolated from one another, you can do the following actions within each group:

  • Deploy a Process

  • Activate a Process

  • Deactivate a Process

  • View the execution statistics of each Process within that Agent group

  • View the real time execution of each Process within that Agent group

High Availability (HA)

If you have many Agents in an Agent group, they will essentially form a farm configuration, where they share their configuration and state. This also requires that the Agents have a shared state store, such as a SQL database or ETCD cluster. Having Agents in a farm configuration activates the HA functionality by allowing the Agents to share load with one another and to take over the execution responsibilities of a failed agent.

Note that Agents still need a load balancer or an API gateway to be installed in front of them to split HTTP traffic in on-premise installations.

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