The documentation covers tutorials and best practices to help you build great platform integrations. Since you are reading this text you have discovered it already.  


The Stack Overflow community is a great place to ask if you need help with your code or API related questions.

Use the tag frends with your question to ensure our developers and others will see it. Also use tags, that describe tools that you use, such as C#, swagger, xslt, and nuget.

When writing a question on SO ensure that it is on-topic there. Types of a question to ask on SO includes:

  • How do I?

  • I got this error, why?

  • I got this error and I'm sure it's a bug -- file an issue (on your own site)

Keep in mind that some questions are off-topic on SO and should not be asked there. These all can be asked via chat bubble or email. Types of a question to not to ask on SO: 

  • I have an idea/request

  • Why do you?

  • When will you?

  • Why is this feature implemented this way?

  • When do you expect to release version x.y?

Chat bubble and email 

The Chat bubble (found on the right corner of the page on and and email ( allow you to report issues or ask questions, even if they are related to your particular case or contain sensitive information.

When submitting a report, please be as clear and concise as possible and make sure to include the exact steps or code to reproduce the bug. As developers, you understand that the better you can detail the issue, the quicker we can locate and resolve it. We are here to knock these down, so help us help you!


The source code for Tasks shipped with FRENDS is located on GitHub. The preferable way to discuss them is via GitHub e.g. by opening an issue. However, this can also be done via the chat bubble and support email. 

Tasks developed by our community are hosted in a separate organization in GitHub. Likewise, GitHub is the best place to address issues on them. Only limited support is provided for these community packages via the chat bubble and support email. 

Sometimes Stack Overflow is a great place to Task-related questions as it is discoverable by anyone in the future.


The Blog features news and announcements about the FRENDS.


Roadmap can be found here.

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