The Code element allows you to create Process Variables and execute C# code directly in a Process. The Code element has two modes - one which declares a variable and assigns a value, and one that executes an expression.

If you chose to declare a variable and enter a variable name, the variable can be accessed with a #var. reference.

A Code variable declared in the root of a Process is accessible from child scopes and modification to it in the child scopes will be visible from the root. A Code variable declared in a child scope will not be accessible in the root.

If a Code element declares a variable, then the return value of the element will be the value of the variable.

A Code element that does not declare a variable will only return a String value indicating that it has been executed.

The Process has the following libraries referenced which can be utilized: mscorlib, System.Diagnostics, System.Dynamic, Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder, NewtonSoft.Json, System.Xml, System.Xml.Linq, System.Data and System.Linq

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