Retry on failure

Automatically retry after exception.

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Some Tasks may not succeed on the first try. For example, a Task attempting to write to a database may encounter a temporary connection problem. Task Elements have the option of automatic retries in case of an exception.

A Task marked for retries is visually distinguished.

To enable automatic retries for a Task, toggle "Retry on failure" and set the maximum number of retries.

A Task can be automatically retried up to 10 times. The retries are done using an exponential backoff wait time. The formula for the exponential backoff wait time is 500 ms * 2 ^ (retry count).

Retry attempt    Wait time (seconds)
1 try 1 second
2 try 2 seconds
3 try 4 seconds
4 try 8 seconds
5 try 16 seconds
6 try 32 seconds
7 try 64 seconds
8 try 128 seconds
9 try 256 seconds
10 try 512 seconds
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