Adding Results of Previous Tasks as Input

When building integration flows it's often necessary to pass data between two Frends elements and Tasks to for example first retrieve data from a database and then sending that data to a web service.

This can be done using the #hashtag notation which provides all the available references to your current input field. This means that you can for example pass the result of a previous Task as input to a different Task:

These results from previous Tasks and other variables can be freely combined to create a desired result. For example you could create a JSON document which combines data from two previous tasks with the input:

"note": {
"to": "Tove",
"from": "Jani",
"heading": "{{#result[GetHeading]}}",
"body": "{{#result[GetBody]}}",
"date": "{{DateTime.Now.ToString()}}"

Using other References as input

Besides the {{ handlebar }} notation and the results of previous tasks you can also access various other references relating to the process with the #hashtag notation. These include:

  • #process - Dynamic information about the execution of the Process.

  • #trigger - Dynamic information and parameters for the Trigger that started the Process. This can be used, for example, to access the REST request properties which started the process. For details on the available references, please see the individual Trigger reference, e.g. on HTTP Trigger.

  • #env - Access to the Environment variable values for the current Environment.

  • #var - All available variables in the current Process scope, e.g. those initialized by the Code element.

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