Promoted variables are an extension of Process Instance where the developer of the integration process can decide what information in the Process execution is important for monitoring and auditing purposes and as such can promote that information so that it can be used to:

  1. Find and filter the Process Instance list to find a specific execution more easily

  2. Configure monitoring rules across multiple Processes

A Promoted variable is configured by simply selecting the "Promote Result" option when configuring a Task, after which it will be available for the above scenarios in the user interface.

Most common use cases for Promoted variables include:

  • Promoting the identifier of the data being processed, such as an GUID or date

  • Promoting the most relevant information of a Process execution, such as the amount in an order or the due date of an invoice

  • Promoting information based on which you can monitor the Process executions as a whole using monitoring rules

An example of a Process execution list without Promoted variables enabled would look like this...

... and with Promoted variables enabled you can see the extra information relating to each Process Execution:

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