File Storages and their mount points that are available for Agents depend on the operating systems agent is running on. Storages listed on this page are available to cloud Agents. Some other drives may also be mounted to your system.

Storage shared withing agent group

Each Agent Group has Azure file share that can be used to store files and share them within Agents in the same Agent group.

It is mounted as the F drive or /frends-shared-data/.

Local storages

Windows and stand-alone Linux agents, but not Kubernetes Agents, have local/managed 32 Gb drive that is mounted as the G drive /frends-local-data/. It can be used to store files. Some older Agents won't have this drive automatically set up and it isn't even available for even older Agents (hosted on Azure Classic VMs).

Frends Agents have a small internal drive that is used by operating systems and frends, but it should not be used for storing other data. It is a C drive on Windows-based agents.

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