As Frends has been around for over 30 years our MFT capabilities are among the best in the market and are based on our previous independent product Cobalt, which enables all file transfer scenarios in both legacy and modern scenarios. Managed File Transfer scenarios are implemented in Frends by utilising the Cobalt Transfer task as a part of any standard integration process.

1.Frends provides secure file transfers by supporting protocols:

(FTP is supported primarily for on-premises legacy connectivity, otherwise not recommended).

Username and Password authentication

FTPS Username and Password authentication

SFTP Username and Password authentication Username and Private Key authentication Username, Password and Private Key authentication Supported host key algorithms: RSA | DSS | Certificate | ED25519 | ECDsaNistP256 | ECDsaNistP384 | ECDsaNistP521

Windows and Linux based file systems

OS User based authentication via Kerberos

2. Frends offers manual and scheduled triggering for process execution

3. Frends offers monitoring capabilities

  • Process level monitoring and automated alerts

  • Monitoring of silence - automated alerts if transfer has not been executed in expected time frame, for example if the source system has not produced the file due to an error in a source system

4. File Transfer Features

Additionally, the Cobalt Transfer task offers a multitude of useful features regarding to managed file transfers such as:

  • Automatic file backups and backup cleanups;

  • Renaming of files before, during and after the transfer;

  • Various logical options on how to deal with existing or locked files.

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