We are working to build Interactive Product Tours that shows how different things work and are done in Frends. We think these tours will hugely help on getting on getting started with Frends and thus publish all of these as a sneak peak, even thought they are not completely polished, so there can be some problems e.g. with grammar.



Dashboard overview

Process list (find errors)

Accessing notifications


Add api key to Api spec

Create new Process linked to API

Deploy Api

Create new Api Specification

Update api spec

Add api key in Frends

Add api endpoint to existing Api spec

Add api key to Api Portal and api spec

View your API in Swagger UI

Add OAuth Application

Add API Ruleset in Frends

Add API Access Policy

Add OAuth2 to api spec


Adding Process name and settings

Add tag to process

Delete a process

Create a new process

Rollback a process

Returning data from process

How to add loops

How to add decision elements

How to catch errors

How to compare different versions of a process

Call Subprocess

Create Subprocess

How to change process settings

How to view process changelog

Saving Process (validate, save, draft)

How to run Process from Frends UI

Activate and Deactivate a Process

Add tasks to process

How to deploy a Process to specific Environment or Agent group

Add triggers and how to use #trigger

Navigate in huge Processes with Minimap (no firefox)

Silence Monitoring

Use promoted variables for silence monitoring

How to create monitoring rule

How to view monitoring rule

Environment variables

How to create a new Environment variable

Use environment variables

How to see where Environment variable is being used

See change log for enviromen variable

Importing and Exporting enviroment variables


How to change Process log settings

Skip logging for Task or other element

Change log settings of environment


Process Instances (Execution logs)

Process Instance Actions

See Process executions in instance list

See Api executions in instance list

Find Process instance with promoted variable

View instances from multiple processes

Find Process instance in given time range

Find Process instance with error

Viewing Process executions/instances

Add columns and change statistics time range in Process instances

User management

Add User

Assigning Roles to Users

Attach your SSO to Frends

Creating user Roles in Frends


Find where Environment Variable is Used

Find Proceses with specific Tag

Bring new Tasks to Frends

How to import a self created Task

How to see where Task is used

How to create a new Environment

How to add columns to Process list

How to create a self-service agent (legacy vs. xplat)

How to find Process that are using specific Tasks

How to update a Task

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