Written for Frends version 5.2.

Frends Tasks are a cornerstone of building successful integration Processes. You can create your own custom Tasks and import them or alternatively add Tasks from a list of readymade options that cover many common use-cases.


You will need the following prerequisites to follow through with this guide:

  1. Editor rights for your Frends tenant.

Importing a Frends Task

You can find the Task view under Administration -> Tasks. 

The task view lists all current tasks that are already imported to the tenant as well as action buttons to import and update tasks. One Frends Task package can contain multiple Tasks.

Importing from the Frends Task feed

  • Click on the 'Search for packages' button

  •  Find the Task package you wish to import.

  • Chose the version of the Task from the Version drop-down menu and press the 'Import' button.

  • You will now see a modal containing information about the different tasks that are included in that Task package.

  • If you only need to import the DLL:s from the nuget package to your Frends tenant you can decide to check the 'Skip importing the Tasks listed above, only upload the NuGet package to storage' checkbox.

  • Press import to add the Tasks to your Frends tenant.

Importing from a Nuget file.

In case that you need a custom package that does not exist on the Frends Task feed you can import a Nuget file congaing your custom tasks.

  1. Click on the 'Import Task NuGet' button

  2. Follow the same steps as above in Importing from the Frends Task feed

See How-to-create-task for a guide how to create a valid Frends Task package that can be imported.

Updating the FRENDS Task index

In some cases you know that update for task is made and published only moments before  you try to import new version to Frends. In that case you might need to tell Frends to check updated packages, with button "Check for updated packages":

Updating a Task

Updating a Task package is mostly similar to Importing a new package. The differences are in the modal window displaying the information about the Tasks inside the Task Package. The Task update modal will display if Processes using this package will be eligible to automatically be updated to using the new version of a Task.

For a Process to automatically be updated to use a new version of a Task the following need to stay the same between the old and the new version of the Task.

  • Name

  • Parameters

  • Return type

If a process contains different Tasks from the same Task Package they all need to be eligible for a automatic update for the Process to automatically update.

You can chose not to update the Processes on task update by checking the 'Skip updating processes where the Tasks listed above are used' checkbox.

Sometimes Processes may be visible on the list of Processes that will automatically be updated but the actual update will fail. If the automatic Process update fails the processes will need to be updated manually to use the latest version of the Task.

A new version of a process will only be created for the Development Agent Group in case of an automatic Process update. The updated Process will need to be manually deployed to Agent Groups that should run the Process.

Deleting a Task

Tasks may be deleted from the UI by pressing the 'Delete' button. This will not modify existing Processes but remove the Task from the list of existing Tasks and not allow using the Task when creating new Processes.

Task deletions should be avoided if later version of that Task package will be imported to the Frends tenant.

Add Task package source feeds

A default Frends installation has 'https://www.myget.org/F/frends/api/v2' configured as the the only Task feed. To add additional sources you should modify the Frends UI web.config file.

  1. Open the Web.config in the folder where the Frends UI is installed.

  2. Locate the 'ExternalPackageSourcesJson' application key

  3. Add the new feed to the list of sources. For example:<add key="ExternalPackageSourcesJson" value='["https://www.myget.org/F/frends/api/v2", "https://www.nuget.org/api/v2"]' />

  4. Save the web.config file.

Frends does not support v3 of nuget.

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