Task test execution enables the developer to rapidly test a Task without having to create a new version of a process for each change made to the parameters used for calling the Task. The Task test view works in the same way as a regular Task editor.

To access the Task test functionality you can click on the "Test" button on the right side of the process editor. It is also possible to copy the parameters from a already configured Task to the test from the Task parameter editor by clicking on 'Show advanced settings' and then 'Create new test'.

All the parmeters and results for the test execution will be shown in the same Test editor under the "Result" tab. Only the previous test execution result will be shown and old test executions can not be recovered. 

To be able to execute the Task a Agent needs to be installed in the development Environment.

It is not possible to use #result and #var references in tests #env references will get their values from default environment.  

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