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The dashboard is a part of the Frends UI which gives the users a widget based configurable splash page when first loading Frends. This splash page enables users to configure different kind of statistical views into the day-to-day operation of Frends to be able to get a sense of the current state of integrations with a single glance.

The dashboard data is stored on the Frends database and the configuration of the widgets is stored in the users browser.


The dashboard contains multiple different widgets which can be added or removed, resized and repositioned based on the users preference. Each configuration you make for widgets is saved locally on your browsers memory, which means that the Widgets are unique to each browser and each user.

Process Count Widget

The Process count widget can be used to either show the number of failed or successful Process executions in the chosen Environment over a chosen period of time. For example a user could configure a Process count widget to show the number of failed Processes in the "Production" Environment over the last 7 days.

Process Graph Widget

The Process Graph Widget can be used to get a visual representation of the number of failed or successful Process executions over a period of time. Like with the Process Count Widget the Process Graph Widget can be configured to only display a specific Environment.

Error List Widget

The error list widget is used to display and group any problems that might have occurred in Frends and can be used to quickly navigate to the problematic integration Process or Environment.

The error list widget is able to display:

  • Agent related errors, such as connection problems

  • Process execution errors

  • Other possible errors in the Frends UI or maintenance tasks




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