SAP is a complex software with multiple different versions, and it is not possible to go through all different use cases in a short post. In addition, integration possibilities also vary between SAP versions being used. In general, there are a few different ways to move data to and from SAP and execute functionalities, and they are discussed in this post. 


In our experience, IDoc files are usually the easiest way to move data to and from SAP. It is due to the human factor. A SAP specialist knows how to make and read IDoc files and as IDoc files are "only" text files they are very easy to transfer between computer systems and processes in Frends and other computer systems. 


In theory, it is possible to publish REST or SOAP APIs from SAP and also consume them in SAP processes. However, depending on policies, SAP versions, network structures, and willingness of SAP users this is not always possible. However, when it is, it provides well-understood integration capabilities. Frends can call and publish REST and SOAP APIs, even though it is usually better to use newer REST APIs when possible.


Frends provides Tasks to make RFC calls to SAP. They require special installation and are not available from the public frends Task NuGet feed. You can request a task from You can do any RFC call or query data via the RFC_READ_TABLE function. Please refer to task documentation for more information. Please note that at the moment SAP is promising support for .Net connector, that task relies, until end of 2022. 

CData connectors

It is also possible to use multiple different CData connectors with frends to integrate to SAP. Please check here for all available connectors.

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