Available since version 5.5

Code snippets are shareable and reusable pieces of code or text in the Process editor. They can be found from the Snippets button in the sidebar.

Creating a new Snippet

You can create a new Snippet by clicking the Create new Snippet button in the Snippets panel. Here you may give the Snippet a name that the parameter input uses to get the Snippet's content.

Shared Snippet

Sharing a Snippet means that it will be visible to other users. If sharing a Snippet, only you the creator and admins can edit or remove it.

Language specific Snippet

Selecting a specific language for the Snippet means that the Snippet will only be visible for a parameter editor using that language mode.

Selecting 'All' means that the Snippet will be visible for all language modes.

Using the Snippet

You can use the Snippet by typing #snippet.CustomXML in this case and press enter to insert the Snippet's content.

Updating a Snippet

You can update a Snippet by clicking its name in the Snippet panel and then modifying the Snippet's content and/or changing its visibility to other users. Only the Snippet's creator or an admin can update a Snippet.

Deleting a Snippet

You can delete a Snippet from the trash button next to the Snippet. Only a Snippets' creator or an admin can remove a shared Snippet.

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